PB 7 ist verfügbar - "PreFinal!"

V7 ist die letzte PublicBeta Version und entspricht bereits annähernd dem "Golden Master"! Zur detaillierten Auflistung und zum Download geht es hier:

Public Beta V7 Download


Public Beta V7 Dokumentation


 Keyfeatures im Überblick:


  • Support for Native UI rendering
  • Satellite Computer Port support
  • Enhanced MADI support
  • Enhanced External Clock Sync detection and reporting
  • Mixer UI Enhancements
  • Support to delete Busses and DCAs from mixer by deleting master strip
  • Support for Monitor Controller configuration in .cnsl3d files
  • Support for independent save/restore of Monitor Controller configuration
  • Substantial Record Panel enhancements
  • Record Panel UI Enhancements
  • Embedded Firmware in MIOConsole with automatic "needs update" detection
  • Embedded MHLink driver in MIOConsole with automatic "needs update" detection
  • Automatic check for software updates with integrated download support
  • Support for product registration from MIOConsole3d
  • Performance improvements in MIOConsole3d
  • Performance improvements in the MHLinkDriver
  • Support for Jumbo packets in the MHLinkDriver
  • Support for simultaneous connection with MHLink and USB
  • Substantial improvements to USB transport
  • User controllable channel counts for USB transport
  • New plugins: CV transformer blocks for SVF